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Scepter Holdings Inc. (publicly traded: BRZL) is a unique market hub for premier, high performance consumer goods. With our expertise in manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and sales, we thrive and outperform in any environment, from retail to the diverse world of online marketplaces!

We Believe In The Idea Of
A Premium Brand

Scepter Holdings manages the sales and brand development of high performance consumer packaged goods that are of premier quality, while providing premium performance.

Our Approach

We strive to support the ethical treatment of people and planet, and when possible, source our materials and ingredients from certified sustainable sources. If we won't use it ourselves or for our families, Scepter Holdings won't carry it as a partner brand.

Natural Ingredients

We lead by example! When possible, we use only natural, ethically sourced ingredients to manufacture the highest quality products!

Health And Wellness

We have your best interest in mind! Our quality products build trust and keep our customers engaged and happy!

Environmental Footprint

We are mindful of our actions and the repercussions they may have. Our children will inherit this planet and we want to leave it in good tidings!

For Our Families

We talk the talk and walk the walk! We believe in products that we use ourselves and for our families. Thats the Scepter promise!

Manufacturing Safety

We use the latest state-of-the art equipment to manufacture our products in facilities that follow CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

International Presence

With the latest logistics technology, we are able to maintain and flourish our international network of distributors. Scepter delivers!

Our Team

Robert Van Boerum

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Van Boerum brings his 15+ years of experience delivering innovative e-commerce and digital marketing solutions to small and mid-sized private/public companies. He has sourced and launched multiple manufacturing and fulfillment relationships, implemented technology systems to support multi-channel sales as well as sales campaigns including digital, programmatic, video, sweepstakes promotional campaigns. Mr. Van Boerum served in the C-suite or as a Director for multiple public companies. Mr. Van Boerum holds a M.B.A. from San Diego State University.

Adam Nicosia

Director, VP of Sales

Mr. Nicosia brings his 18+ years experience in developing direct and indirect, domestic and international distribution sales channels in mid-sized private companies. Successfully developed and launched multiple retail brands, ranging from soft goods, sporting goods, personal care, electronics and commercial product lines. Each product line has attributed to more than 500 MM+ dollars in retail sales throughout the Club, Food and Drug, e-commerce, Hardware, Specialty and Mass Retail channels.

Lets Thrive Together

We seek to acquire and grow additional brands

Marketing and innovation is in our blood! We seek to acquire performing brands to add to the Company's portfolio of products and brands sold online and through strategic retail relationships. We deliver the strongest industry model possible with solid returns to our valued shareholders and partners. To carry forward the lessons learned and further refine our projects and formulations as we build our distribution capability to leverage the assets from our projects across the globe.

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