Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed to bring brands and influencers together.

Consumer online buying decisions can be affected through the strategic use of social media influencers. Scepter Holdings, Inc. is leveraging data and intelligence gathered through the sales and marketing of licensed and owned brands to support the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based application called ‘Adapti’.

Adapti is being developed to identify correlations between product sales data and influencer engagement impact, using AI models under development.

The intelligence extracted by the platform will serve to enhance the promotion of brands the Company markets, help target marketing spend on influencer engagement, as well as create the opportunity to market Adapti as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform to match external brands with influencers.

Our Company Values

We Wanted To Make Products Our Families Would Use

We take mindfulness to a new level! If we won't use a product for ourselves or our families, we won't carry it under a Scepter Brand! We take pride in our premier quality, environmentally friendly and ethical approach in the sourcing and manufacturing of all of our valued brands...

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Our Premier Brands

Quality products and cutting edge designs

We leverage our expertise to bring to market functional products developed with an eye towards sustainability and performance. From makeup that heals and brings oxygen to your skin, to daily vitamin sprayables that can enhance your health, Scepter Holdings delivers the win...

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Meet The Brands That Are Making A Difference

High Performance Consumer Products is more than just a catch phrase. We focus on delivering products consumers want to use everyday by marketing the products you want to buy.

Online where consumers shop

Each of our products are available where consumers shop. From our own branded websites, Amazon PRIME, to Shopify, we make it easy and convenient to purchase a Scepter Brand!

Functional Products We Love

We listen to our customers and value their feedback! We deliver proven and functional products that compliment your lifestyle, while maintaining our commitment to the environment!

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We make it easy to keep your favorite Scepter Brand on hand! Each consumable product is available for autoship and expedited shipping to ensure customers have our products when they need them.

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Scepter Holdings Investor Corner

As part of our business acquisition and development, we are constantly seeking to acquire performing brands and ideas to add to our portfolio of products and technologies. By leveraging our decades of experience and expertise, we are able to take these premier quality, high performance brands to market and provide solid returns to our valued shareholders and brand partners.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase “Great minds think alike” or “Like attracts like”. We believe having the right support makes a world of difference in our successes. Join us as we continue to expand domestically and internationally.

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